Basement Waterproofing Contractors Are Your Best Bet For Removing Drain Roots

If you have drain roots that are causing your main sewer line to clog, then there’s a chance that you might be able to solve the problem yourself using a rented or purchased sewer snake auger. In most cases, though, getting rid of tree roots in your drains needs to be left to the professionals, who have much more experience and the appropriate equipment for fixing the problem quickly.

Interestingly enough, a traditional plumber might not be your best option when looking for a company to clean out your son chong tham mat tran basement floor drain or main sewer line. Basement waterproofing contractors might not be the first option you think of when looking for root removers, but in many cases they actually have the best equipment and training to do just that.

The reason why is simple: good, functional drains are vital for effective waterproofing, and one of the first things that waterproofers look at when inspecting a basement is the foundation footer drains and main sewer line. If either of these are clogged with drain roots, then a waterproofing system simply isn’t going to be able to keep your basement dry.

As such, every good basement waterproofing contractor has industrial-strength sewer snake augers on hand, as well as high-pressure water drain cleaning equipment that can blast obstructions out of pipes. Additionally, in the case of extremely severe tree root problems, your local waterproofers also have the equipment and experience to excavate and completely replace the main sewer line if necessary.

While many local plumbers will be able to help you solve problems with drain roots, you should also consider getting an estimate from waterproofing contractors. They are often more experienced–and affordable–than larger chain companies.

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