Do You Want Better Study Skills? First Find Your Own Personal Study Style

Just like anything else you can learn to study… it just takes a little practice. It’s too bad that study techniques aren’t taught in school but hopefully this information will get you off to learning better study skills and getting better grades.

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Study skills are not one size fits all. Everyone is different and learning to study in a style that fits your personality will definitely help you to study better. Now, that doesn’t mean if you really hate to study that you don’t have to. And it doesn’t mean that playing video games or texting or doing anything else that you love to do while studying will help you study better either. It just means that you have your own learning style…you just need to find it.

Most people need a quiet place to study but there are those who feel listening to music while they study helps the process. Some have a difficult time studying if they are alone…in this case a study partner could possibly help. What ever your style, being in an environment that makes you feel comfortable will best help you with your study skills.

Set aside a time to study when you will be alert and there will be no distractions. Make an appointment with yourself. It may be right after school or right after dinner. What ever you are comfortable with…but don’t schedule your study time for too late at night. Putting off your study time can result in a long night of cramming, when you are tired and under more stress and will much less likely to have a quality study session.

Since you have set aside an appropriate time to study you will be much more likely to retain what you study. That is not to say that you have to study nonstop until you can’t study anymore. Take a break before you get burned out. Take a short walk, get a snack, just relax for a few minutes but make sure to limit your break to just a few minutes…ten to fifteen minutes should be good. Then get back to work…knowing that you will do much better if you are refreshed.

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