European Soccer Sportswear Makes US Play

International sports is a huge business, and the futball teams of Europe make more money off the endorsements of products from their players than they do from the ticket sales of those who come to their sporting events. And that is saying a lot considering the hundreds of thousands of people that go to Futball games each week during the season.

Interestingly enough European Futball sportswear is making a huge play here in the United States. They watch our sports such as football and basketball, and we are starting to watch their sports such as soccer, and we are now participate at a much higher level in the World Cup than ever before. xem truc tiep bong da US soccer teams, may not be as good as their European counterparts, however they are certainly competitive within their ranks.

Soccer is a sport that is played worldwide and many of the soccer players here in the US that play at the youth level take the game to heart, they live and love to play soccer. They also admire the European Futball-players and often wear their sportswear to school or work. This is why many retailers that sell sportswear do include European soccer outfits and sportswear in their stores.

They are indeed big sellers, which is surprising to many Americans who do not understand what soccer is all about. Nevertheless, this sportswear is selling over $10 million a year in the US, according to retail statistics as of 2008. Next time you see someone wearing European type sportswear, you’ll know exactly where it all came from, and why people are so intrigued by it, and why is becoming so popular. Please think of this.

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