Music For Babies – Better Together With Jack Johnson

Being raised on the beaches of Southern California, I can appreciate the many talents of this singer-songwriter, film maker and surfer. Now all you beach bunny moms can share Johnson’s music with your little ones. best strollers big kid Roma Music’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star series has just released “Lush Lullaby Renditions of Jack Johnson”. 10 beautifully crafted lullaby music for babies.

Jack Johnson is “Good People”

Jack “Hody” Johnson was born May 18, 1975 on the north shore of the Island of Oahu. He was the son of professional surfer Jeff Johnson. And as we all know, the apple does not fall far from the tree. So naturally, Jack took up surfing as well. However, unlike his father, Jack had a very brief stint as a professional surfer. At age 17 he was the youngest invitee to make the finals at the Pipeline Masters. One week later he suffered a career ending surfing accident. A head injury that needed 150 stitches. He has been quoted as saying “that’s how I became so mellow”.

With his professional surfing career over, Johnson decided to come over to the mainland where he attended the University of California, Santa Barbara (graduating with a film degree). This is where he met his future wife Kim and developed his passion for music. While out surfing one day, he befriended G. Love who eventually went on to record Johnson’s song “Rodeo Clowns” for his 1999 album Philadelphonic. This was the launching pad for Jack’s music and mining career. Now what I mean by a “mining” career is that every record Jack released struck precious metals.

* 2001 – Brushfire Fairytales (RIAA: Platinum)

* 2003 – On and On (RIAA: Platinum ARIA: 4x Platinum)

* 2005 – In Between Dreams (RIAA: 2x Platinum ARIA: 3x Platinum)

* 2008 – Sleep Through the Static (RIAA: Platinum ARIA: Platinum)

Platinum means 1,000,000 copies sold.

But what is really great about Jack Johnson is how he puts his money where his mouth is. His music and lifestlye invokes a surfer’s spirit. Which is living in harmony with Mother Earth and everything on it. Every year Johnson hosts a live concert in Hawaii for the “Kokua Hawaii Foundation”. Where he invites friends like Dave Matthews and others to perform. All the money earned goes directly back to the foundation. In fact, 100% of his 2008 tour profits and profits from the new CD/DVD release “En Concert” will be going to fund the Kokua Hawaii Foundation and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to support environmental, art, and music education around the world. How cool is that?

Music For Babies is “Better Together” With Jack Johnson

In reviewing “Lush Lullaby Renditions of Jack Johnson”, I realized how many Johnson songs were recognizable to my ear. In fact this record has become my favorite of all the artists in the Twinkle twinkle Little Rock Star series. What I like best about this one is that they recorded it in the “Traditional” style of lullabies. Great usage of bells, toy pianos, xylophones, baby rattles, harps and cellos. All arranged with very rich orchestra strings. These 10 songs have been beautifully re-arranged as music for babies. My favorite track is “Taylor”. Very dreamy, very soothing, and just at the right tempo for bedtime.

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