There Is No Continuity Across Your Tuttnauer’s Cut-Out Thermostat

For over 85 years, Tuttnauer has been one of the world’s most known manufacturers of autoclaves and sterilizer equipment. The company was founded in 1925, and they have provided products used in sterilizing applications in labs, dental offices, hospitals, veterinary offices, tattoo shops, universities, and a host of other facilities.

While Tuttnauer products are known for their quality and excellent performance, these units are not immune to problems. Despite their proven design and great engineering features, Tuttnauer autoclaves can develop any number of issues during their lifetime.

Today, you’re going to learn what to do when there is no continuity across the cut-out thermostat in your unit.

3 Steps to Restoring Continuity Across The Thermostat

This process is so easy that anyone can do it. You don’t have to be mechanically inclined. Just follow these 3 simple steps to get started.

  1. Unplug the unit and take out the 2 power wires from the cut-out thermostat. Then, use an ohm meter to check each of the tuttnauer terminals for continuity.
  2. Make sure the chamber has cooled before you reset the cut-out thermostat. If the chamber is still hot, the thermostat can’t be reset.
  3. Push the red reset button on the cut-out thermostat. This button is really small, so you may need to use the point of a pen or another sharp, tiny pointed object to fully press the red reset button all the way.

After following these 3 steps, you should check to see if continuity has been restored across the terminals of the Tuttnauer’s cut-out thermostat. If it has been, congratulations, you’ve done it!

But what if continuity still hasn’t been restored? Does that mean you need to take your unit to an autoclave repair shop? Do you need to even buy a brand new autoclave?

The answer to both of these questions is no. There’s no reason to take your unit in to an autoclave repair shop. They will do exactly what has been outlined in the 3 steps above, and they’ll charge you a lot of money to do it. Not to mention, they’ll spend weeks working on your unit.

And replacing the entire unit isn’t necessary. This is a problem that has a very simple solution. Just replace the cut-out thermostat. When you install a new cut-out thermostat, your autoclave will be like new again.

But before you order any replacement parts, make sure you only buy from reputable dealers that offer top-quality products backed by a great guarantee.

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